Director: Suzuki Kosuke (鈴木浩介), Mizumura Hideo

Cast: Nakama Yukie, Sato Ryuta, Takashima Reiko

Release Year: 2014

Country: Japan

Genre: Mystery

Status: Completed



Mizusawa Sakura is the ultimate “good listener”. In the morning, she hears the voices of listeners as the DJ of a small FM radio network. In the afternoon, she lends a ear to residents’ complaints at the inquiry counter of Komagome Chuo Police Precinct’s Community Safety Division. At night, she obtains information from regular customers at the small restaurant which her grandmother Ume, a former police woman, runs. Once a case occurs, Sakura will hide her identity and go undercover. She is actually a special investigator under the orders of “Iron Lady” Igarashi Kyoko, the chief of the police precinct. Sakura partners the hot-blooded detective Takeuchi Masato whom she frequently encounters at investigation scenes, and unlocks the mysteries of the cases.


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