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          Because of the DMCA rule, some torrent files can not host directly, we can only use magnet link, But if you are having trouble with the magnet link, and do not want to go through the hassle of figuring out, You can Donate with PayPal (to email: [email protected]) for One Full Series [Torrent File], and I will personally make the effort to send you the torrent file via email : [email protected]. Submit an Email with the format below:

Subject: Request Torrent [Serial Name]
Your Email Address that is used to make the donation.
Proof of Donation.

NOTE: Please make sure that you have and Open Utorrent / Mtorrent in your pc or mac. You can download fastest torrent client by clicking link below. ALL FILEs has been changed into MAGNET TORRENT Link, therefore you need to make sure your utorrent/ mtorrent is open. For Now please use FIREFOX, instead of Chrome, I tested it both and it works fine, but Chrome takes way a lot longer. After a Pop up comes up, it will stated 0 bytes, press OK, and wait for about a minute or so (thats in my pc) and when is start it will load the tracker, so do NOT get panic and cancel it, because it need to load the tracker. Please let us know any trouble you have, and I will try to help you in any possible way. Good Day and Please consider giving us some donations to keep this site operating and open. Thank youSmile
Anyone who is having trouble with magnet, click Here


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