Oh My Ghost Episode 4

Oh My Ghost Episode 4

Director: Yoon Je-Won

Cast: Park Bo-Young, Cho Jung-Seok, Lim Ju-Hwan, Kim Seul-Gi

Release Year: 2015

Country: Korean

Genre: Fantasy Horror Fantasy Romance

Status: Ongoing

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Oh My Ghostess: Episode 4




How can any creature, ghost or human, be so cute? The shenanigans really take off in this episode between our leads, to pretty uproarious effect. If you think you’ve seen the extent of our lusty ghostess’s bawdy ways, you’d be mistaken—when she sets her sights on something (or someone) she wants, she’s like a dog with a bone. A tiny, adorable puppy with relentless energy and a one-track mind.





Chef Sun-woo nervously grabs a flashlight to head downstairs after hearing a loud clang, muttering to himself that there’s no such thing as ghosts. Soon-ae narrowly avoids being found out even when he accidentally steps on her hand, but then as soon as he turns around to go, she crawls out from under a table and he whirls around. Caught.


Soon-ae explains her current living situation—that she’s homeless and broke—with extra-sad puppy eyes for sympathy. She insists that she was only going to sleep here for one night and she has no friends and no other options, naming Seoul Station as her next stop if she can’t stay the night at the restaurant.


He tells her to go to a motel then, and she cries, “You have to go there with a man! What fun is going alone?” He fumbles for a response but can only gape at her. She starts to wear him down with her adorable aegyo-poking, and pleads for him to let her stay. He cracks a smile…



Cut to: Soon-ae standing in the street with all her belongings, scowling that he kicked her out for using some aegyo on him. HA. (But seriously, you couldn’t let her sleep over one night?)


She eeny-meeny-miny-moes her way down the street, pausing in front of Dad’s restaurant with a sigh. He’s drinking alone again, but she can’t very well barge in there like this, and continues on her way.


She ends up at a jjimjilbang, and one look around at all the men makes her clap in excitement over making the right choice. She rolls right over next to the first guy she sees, spooning him blissfully as she decides that the jjimjilbang is a wonderful place. The guy mistakes Soon-ae for his girlfriend, who stomps over and takes her boyfriend back.



A commotion grabs her interest and Soon-ae joins a crowd of onlookers who are all aghast at a young woman who’s currently making her way through a second crate of hardboiled eggs. Soon-ae smirks as soon as she sees her, and the egg girl glares right back. Soon-ae crooks her finger for her to follow, and a ghost suddenly separates herself from egg girl.


It’s the ghost from the funeral who was bad-mouthing Soon-ae for possessing unassuming women, and Soon-ae points out her hypocrisy. The ghost complains that funeral meals are too few these days, and the ghost population is only increasing.


She’s sympathetic when Soon-ae tells her about being trapped in Bong-sun’s body, and the ghost worries when Soon-ae says it’s not all that bad getting to live like a person: What if she gets used to it and wants to stay forever?



Soon-ae knows she can’t—once her three years are up, she’ll turn into a malevolent ghost. She knows it’s a long shot to find that rare man whose energy can withstand hers, figuring she’s doomed. The ghost girl warns her not to think of malevolent ghosts lightly, since they’re the ones possessing innocent people and causing all of society’s ills.


Soon-ae gets so animated in her discussion with the ghost girl that it catches the attention of nosy ajummas, who assume she’s a crazy person for talking out loud to herself. So then she’s kicked out of the jjimjilbang too, and lugs all of her belongings back out to the street.


Officer Sung-jae runs into her and they have instant ramyun together at the convenience store, which he confesses is his secret habit because his wife Eun-hee doesn’t let him eat ramyun. Soon-ae sighs that they must be very much in love, and Sung-jae sort of awkwardly says it must be true. Hm, are you just embarrassed, or not in love?



She asks how they got together and who chased whom first, and Sung-jae notes that she seems very interested in him and his wife, before answering that he chased Eun-hee. Soon-ae says wistfully that if he’s happy, that’s all that matters, and Sung-jae reaches over to smooth her mussed up hair. Er… I don’t think you should be doing that?


Soon-ae swoons on the inside and says to herself that she’ll never clear her heart of him if he keeps being so sweet.


Eun-hee turns on music at the restaurant and gets lost in memories of being a ballet dancer, and is a little taken aback when Soon-ae comes to work and launches into a mini-tirade about how ramyun is food too.



Sous chef Min-soo is still hungover from last night and balks when Soon-ae arrives late and glosses over it by calling him oppa. She reminds him that calling him oppa was his idea, but he argues that he’d never do that because he doesn’t like her, and people shouldn’t be held to what they say when drunk.


Sun-woo comes down to the kitchen and is met with an icy stare from Soon-ae, which he tries to ignore repeatedly. He sees Eun-hee smiling at pictures of her friend’s new baby, and asks gently if she wants children. She says of course she does, but figures that maybe she wants it too much for the heavens to allow it.


Sun-woo’s friend So-hyung calls him to the station to record a teaser for the show, and asks him to bring Bong-sun along. I love the way she pops up over the bar the second her name is mentioned.



So Sun-woo reluctantly takes her along to the station, and the whole way she points out how nice his car is and how she had to spend the whooooole night in a jjimjilbang. She brings up how everyone thinks that her rice soup on the show was his idea, and he tells her not to think she can blackmail him to stay at the restaurant.


So-hyung sits down with them before the shoot, and Soon-ae starts to notice the way Sun-woo is overly attentive to So-hyung, like kicking up a fuss when she gets a paper cut, or getting angry when her married sunbae starts overtly flirting with her.


The sunbae drops his car key while he’s there to chat, and Soon-ae watches as Sun-woo pockets the car key just to be petty. This oughta be good. On their way out after the shoot, the sunbae comes running back looking for his key, and Sun-woo says nothing.



So-hyung insists on eating together and sends them ahead while she wraps up work, and Soon-ae gets her chance to call Sun-woo out on his very obvious crush. She enjoys teasing, “You liiiiiiike her!”


He grumps and sends her home, so she gets up to leave and then dives into his pockets to fish out the sunbae’s car key. She sing-songs, “Whose could this be~?” and says that she saw him steal it earlier. He’s mortified and tries to take it back, but she points out that it’s not really his, and besides—the important point is that she saw him enact his petty romantic revenge.


She offers a trade: She keeps his thievery a secret, and he lets her sleep at the restaurant. Hehehehe. I love this upside-down dynamic so much. So-hyung arrives, so all Sun-woo can do is squirm as Soon-ae asks after the sunbae (who had to call a locksmith), and wonders if maybe someone stole the key on purpose. So-hyung: “Who would do something so immature?” Soon-ae: “Right? That’s immature? That’s SO immature!”



She makes a big show of digging something out of her pocket and fakes him out with a gum wrapper, and when she reaches in a second time, he makes excuses so they can both go to the bathroom.


He drags her into the corner and says he’ll just admit to taking the key, but Soon-ae points out how weird he’d look for keeping it until now. He’s trapped and he knows it, and it looks like it physically pains him to cave. He agrees to let her stay at the restaurant just until she finds someplace new, and she beams.



She chatters away as they arrive home, asking how long Sun-woo has liked the pretty PD unni and why he hasn’t confessed. She says it doesn’t matter that she’s been married once as long as his feelings are sure, and says in her characteristic way that saving your heart only turns it to poop. He barks at her to zip it, and she sticks her tongue out behind his back.


Sun-woo stomps around his room in a huff, while Soon-ae blasts music downstairs and starts making a late-night snack. She makes fried rice and brings him up a plate, ignoring his complaints about not eating rice.



She peers around his room curiously and is surprised to hear a dog barking outside, and asks exactly why he doesn’t eat rice—did he eat it once and have really bad indigestion? He doesn’t answer, but she just leaves the plate there and tells him to whatever he wants with it.


He watches her go and decides that she isn’t normal. He’s even more confused when he thinks back to how meek Bong-sun used to be, and how she couldn’t even look him in eye. And now she’s arguing back, and being playful, and even blackmailing him. He wonders aloud, “How can a person change that much all of a sudden? It’s a mystery.”


He seems curious about how it tastes but ends up feeding it to the dog, and sighs that today has been one really long day.



Soon-ae has a dream in which she’s drowning and screaming for help, but she just sinks further and further to the bottom. Agh, is that how she died? She wakes up gasping for air, to Sun-woo trying to stir her awake. He warns her to hurry up before the others arrive and get the wrong idea.


The other chefs walk in and marvel at her early arrival, then notice that she’s still wearing the same clothes from yesterday. Sun-woo quickly interrupts before they can interrogate her about it, and mutters at her quietly to be more careful.


To his exasperation, Soon-ae just enjoys the thrill and chirps, “Because it’s our little secret?” She cartoon-creeps away like the Pink Panther, and he grabs his head from the stress of it all. Hee.



Min-soo forgot to get leeks for the special of the day, and Sun-woo rips into him for thinking he could just substitute green onions. He calls for Bong-sun, who runs up and asks if he wants to talk in private, “Like about secret stuff?” He refuses to acknowledge that and tells Min-soo to send her to buy leeks.


She runs into Dad while he’s out buying produce too, and points out that he’s buying the wrong kind of sprouts for soup. He thanks her, and she starts in on a whole passive-aggressive, “Well I don’t want to be a burden… I could help you carry those, but I don’t want to be burdensome…” all the way to his restaurant.



Dad laughs and apologizes for ever saying that to her, since it clearly hurt her feelings. He says that she’s a grudge-holder like his daughter was, remembering that she once got really mad at him for not letting her go get a perm because they were busy. He sighs that he should’ve let her.


He apologizes and says that he seems to keep talking about his daughter around Bong-sun. She asks if he’s still drinking a lot these days, and decides that she’ll have to be his drinking buddy. She makes him pinky-swear that he won’t drink without her, and Dad smiles warmly.



Little Bro Kyung-mo runs into Soon-ae on her way out and warns her that she’s got it all wrong if she thinks his father is rich, and Soon-ae snaps at him to stop speaking banmal to her if he doesn’t want to die. Kyung-mo doesn’t get why she’d be hanging around then, and it dawns on him that it must be because she likes him, and worries about breaking her heart. Pfffft.


Sun-woo has been feeling a cold coming on for the last day, and it finally catches up to him during the lunch rush. He drags his feet about leaving the kitchen and crawls into bed, and when So-hyung calls to tell him about their next shoot being delayed, he perks up a little.


She asks if he’s really sick and if she should bring him some porridge, and he actually asks if she can. But she says she can’t because she’s buried in the editing room, and he quickly says he’s not all that sick.



Soon-ae returns after the restaurant closes to head to sleep, and shakes off any worry over Sun-woo’s condition because he doesn’t deserve it. But that lasts about a second, and soon she’s carrying a tray of porridge up to his room.


She tries to wake him by talking to him in banmal, and then notices that he’s sweating and looking pretty bad. She rouses him to get up and eat just a little, and he finally opens his eyes, only he sees So-hyung there telling him to eat up and call her if he needs anything.


He reaches out and grabs her by the arm to pull her hand to his forehead, and when she asks if she should get a wet towel, he reaches up to cup her face and pulls her down for a kiss. Omo.




Soon-ae flails in surprise, not knowing what to do, but then she starts to kiss him back and gets really into it. Soon they’re making out, and outside the dog starts to bark incessantly. Do you see ghosts, Dog?


Sun-woo opens his eyes mid-kiss and finally sees that it’s Bong-sun he’s kissing, and scurries away from her in fright. He asks how she got in here, and she tells him that she came with porridge and he’s the one who suddenly grabbed her and started with the kissing.


He realizes his mistake, and all he can think to do is to kick her out, so he basically pushes her out the door. It belatedly dawns on Soon-ae that she just kissed a guy and he survived, and she whirls around in shock.



Sun-woo is kicking himself, and Soon-ae comes back to ask if he’s okay, and if he isn’t experiencing a rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath. Ha, she’s actually asking after his physical condition, though it sounds like she’s checking for fluttery feelings. He shoves her out the door again, and she jumps around over his shoulder excitedly.


Soon-ae goes tearing down the street for the jjimjilbang to find her ghost friend and asks her opinion. The ghost girl agrees that she’s found a man who can withstand her ghostly energy, and Soon-ae leaps in celebration that she can finally release her ghost-grudge and move on. Of course this makes her look like a crazy person all over again, since she’s jumping in circles all by herself.



Soon-ae can think of nothing else but getting laid (well, more than usual), and just spends the morning staring dreamily at Sun-woo. Min-soo notes that Chef is all better, and teases him about something good happening overnight. Sun-woo overreacts and shouts that nothing happened.


Once the other boys are sent outside to haul the morning delivery in, Soon-ae sidles up to Sun-woo and stands right under him, looking up expectantly. He mutters an apology for his cold-medicine-induced haze last night and says nothing will change between them, while she just nods and angles for another kiss the whole time.



She follows him up to his room while he’s changing and actually stops him from getting dressed, until they topple onto his bed with her on top. He asks if she’s gone crazy, and she says it’s better for him to think of it that way, and asks for just one favor: “Just once. Let’s just do it once.” Pwahaha.


Thunder claps overhead and rain starts to pour, and Sun-woo finally answers, “W-what?” She says it’s what he’s thinking of: “You’re an adult, and she’s—er, I’m—and adult…” He declares that she’s insane and needs to go to the hospital, and squirms free.



She chases him downstairs and continues to beg for just one time, promising that there needn’t be a second time and that she knows he has feelings for someone else. He’s totally gobsmacked by her behavior and asks if she has no pride and if she’s always been like this. She swears that there’s no nefarious reason, and asks if he won’t just think of it like giving her a gift. LOL.


The others see her hanging off of him and begging, “Just once, just once,” day and night, and wonder what it is that she’s asking for. She really does chase him all day long, and he’s literally tripping all over himself trying to keep her at bay.



At night she makes him a snack and casually lies down on his bed, so he wraps her up in his blanket like a burrito and carries her downstairs. She tries to sneak in from the rooftop but gets caught by the dog, and Sun-woo gives the dog a proud thumbs-up.


He turns the lights off and finally goes to bed, and isn’t even surprised when Soon-ae pops up under his covers to snuggle. He gives up and tells her to sleep here then, and gets up to go sleep elsewhere.


He runs away to Mom’s house, and Mom is flabbergasted that he came here to sleep. Sung-jae and Eun-hee are just as surprised, and Mom decides she’ll have to go see a shaman about Sun-woo’s weird behavior and suggests that Eun-hee come along in the morning.



Soon-ae sidles up to Sun-woo the next morning and asks where he slept, and when he’s still cold to her, she sighs that he’s not easy and wonders if she’ll have to take a different approach.


The others notice that she looks flushed and ask if she’s been drinking, and discover that she has a fever. She realizes that she caught Sun-woo’s cold, and grouses aloud that “he” didn’t give her what she wanted and just gave her a cold instead.


Hottie chef Joon asks if Bong-sun needs money (because she’s been begging Sun-woo for something for days), and offers to lend her what she needs. Soon-ae swoons all over again at the gesture and sighs that he’s awfully tempting.



Mom and Eun-hee go to see the shaman unni, and ask about her prospects for having kids. The shaman asks for her husband Sung-jae’s birthdate and calls him a lonely island. She wonders how a man like this ever married at all, and can’t bring herself to deliver bad news, instead yelling at Eun-hee to eat better if she wants to have babies.


Sung-jae and his partner are sent to a junkyard that day, and are annoyed that they have to deal with a dog. Neither gets bitten and they leave, but later we hear someone beat the dog. Well that’s disturbing.


That night, Soon-ae finds Sun-woo’s door locked and takes that as a challenge to pick his lock, and gets caught red-handed when Sun-woo shows up right behind her out in the hall. He drags her downstairs and warns that she won’t be able to sleep here if she keeps this up, and she just clings to him and begs again.



She pouts that she thought men are supposed to be able to have sex without feelings attached, and insists that she has a reason for all this. He gives her a chance to explain herself, but when she says now isn’t the time, he tells her to stop dreaming because he won’t have a scandal in his workplace.


He ignores her cries over catching his cold and stomps upstairs, and she sticks her head in the freezer to cool her fever.


Sun-woo picks up his phone to answer a text from So-hyung, but the power cord gets stuck and refuses to budge, almost like some invisible force is keeping it there. The energy around Soon-ae seems off too, and she stumbles off to bed feeling really ill. Suddenly Soon-ae starts to be visible in Bong-sun’s body, flickering in and out.



Sun-woo yanks on the cord and it pulls free at the exact moment when Soon-ae falls to the floor… and gets up as Soon-ae. She looks down and there’s Bong-sun still lying on the ground. Did being sick eject her somehow?


It niggles at Sun-woo that Bong-sun might really be sick, and he puts his phone down to go check on her. Soon-ae looks down at Bong-sun in a daze and realizes that she’s been expelled, and grouses at the shitty timing when Sun-woo chooses now to come down.


He runs over to her, worried and panicked, calling out her name.





Oh, phew. We get Bong-sun back! I was really worried that we’d only be getting things from Soon-ae’s perspective, which would really shortchange the romance and make me question any feelings that Sun-woo develops for her while she’s possessed. But now that we know there can be swapping, I trust that the drama will be able to play out both storylines to satisfaction. As important as Soon-ae’s journey is, it’s crucial to get Bong-sun back periodically so that her life can change alongside Soon-ae’s, so that she can grow and develop as a character. I really want for them to change each other for the better—for Soon-ae to give Bong-sun some spunk and get her not to waste her life, and for Bong-sun to remind Soon-ae that deep down she’s a good person who cares more about those around her than to go around possessing women to get laid.


It’s obviously problematic for Soon-ae to think that she can just borrow Bong-sun’s body and sleep with Sun-woo like it’s borrowing her favorite sweater for a date. Not the same thing! Right now Sun-woo’s the only one thinking straight and keeping her from making a stupid mistake (thank goodness ONE of them has self-control!), and it’s clearly going to take some doing for her to start seeing Bong-sun as a person instead of a vessel. Spending some time outside of her body will hopefully get that across, though I fully expect for Soon-ae to be relentless about getting into Chef’s pants. It’s not an unsympathetic predicament either—she faces an eternity as a vengeful ghost, roaming the earth doing this to women forever if she doesn’t resolve her grudge and move onto the afterlife. It’s just that she’s probably fixating on the wrong thing, thinking that her biggest sorrow in life was dying a virgin, when she has an amnesia-inducing mystery death on her hands.



Sung-jae is definitely moving up on the suspect list by the episode, but so far there’s nothing solid about him being criminal in any way, and I expect that we’ll continue to get tiny breadcrumbs like this for a while. I worry for Eun-hee if he is somehow involved in Soon-ae’s death, and am increasingly curious about their relationship after the hints today that they’re not as happy as they seem. I have a feeling that Mom should be spending more money on figuring out what Sung-jae’s deal is than worrying about Sun-woo and his ghost problems. I do find it hilarious that her worry about him being a ghost-magnet was made literal today with Soon-ae hanging off of him at every turn. It was such a funny way to undercut the sudden burst of sexual chemistry to have her chasing him as if she could actually just wear him down with cuteness until he gave it up. Does she really think romance works this way, or does supernatural-strength libido make you stupid?


Despite her misguided fixation on sleeping with Sun-woo, I find Soon-ae warm-hearted when it counts, like keeping his crush on So-hyung a secret (after using it to blackmail him, of course), or taking care of him when he’s sick. I find them adorable together, but what I’m really excited about is Bong-sun getting a chance to be back in control of her body and dealing with the aftermath of all the havoc Soon-ae has wreaked. I’m already cringing in anticipation of all the mortifying things she’ll have to clean up, but I’m hopeful of what’ll develop with Sun-woo because of it. And if he’s already suspicious about Bong-sun’s rapid personality change, maybe he’ll be someone she can confide in about the ghost possession. In any case I want to see the same fireworks when it’s Bong-sun in the driver’s seat. Got any more cold medicine on hand?





Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as a sous chef. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn't have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother. One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae.

Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change.

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