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It’s not exactly a one-to-one trade, but there aren’t many (or any?) actors you could trade for Lee Je-hoon and still leave me happy. The actor ultimately turned down the offer to headline the KBS revenge drama Time of the Beast, formerly known as God of Noodles, and now Chun Jung-myung (Heart to Heart) is being courted for the role. He’s reportedly in final negotiations, which sounds pretty close to a done deal.

The drama is based on the manhwa God of Noodles by Park In-kwon, who also created Daemul, Yawang, and War of Money. It’s an underdog revenge tale about a man who rises up from nothing and becomes a master noodle-maker. Chun Jung-myung is up for the lead character, a man born to an amnesiac father who can’t walk and an herb-gatherer mother who’s mute. He develops a sense of absolute taste, which ought to come in handy on the road to becoming Noodle God.

Jo Jae-hyun (Punch) has been offered the role of a noodle master with vast knowledge. That doesn’t really tell us if he’s a mentor to the hero or the guy he has to bring down. Also considering offers are Gong Seung-yeon (Six Flying Dragons) and Han Ye-ri (Six Flying Dragons).

Chun Jung-myung can be hit or miss depending on the role, but I did like him in his last drama, tvN’s Heart to Heart, which played up his light, quirky side. His last non-cable drama was KBS’s Man of Honor, and the less said about that, the better. But that was yeeeeaaars ago and this drama will be better! Because I said so!

Time of the Beast follows Descended From the Sun in April.

Time of the Beast: Lee Je-hoon out, Chun Jung-myung in

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