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One potential pairing went out the window for tvN’s new mistaken identity drama Oh Hae-young Again, because Kim Ah-joong (Punch) turned down the offer to star in the series shortly following the news that Eric (Discovery of Romance) was being courted to play the leading man. Now an offer is out to Choi Kang-hee (Dazzling Temptation) to headline the drama, about two women who share a name and want nothing more than to get away from each other.

The new tvN Monday-Tuesday series comes from the PD of Marriage Not Dating and Superdaddy Yeol and the writer of I Live in Cheongdamdong and Old Miss Diaries. It’s about two women named Oh Hae-young, who happen to both work in the catering business. Their lives start to get tangled up because of the name mixup, and there’s a supernatural element in the leading man, who (for some strange reason) has the ability to see into the future.

The drama is a mystery romance about the three of them trying to disentangle their lives from one another. I guess moving out of town is out of the question? I don’t know that an Eric/Choi Kang-hee pairing is at the top of my list, but they are both really quirky people and might have a fun, offbeat chemistry.

I’ve warmed to Choi Kang-hee after Heart to Heart, her tvN drama with Chun Jung-myung, in which she played a wallflower who broke through her shell and overcame the trauma that had turned her into a hermit. She was warm and endearing in that, and played up the character’s eccentric charm in a way that really fit. I’m not watching her current melodrama Dazzling Temptation (because, why) but if she follows it up by romancing Eric, I could get onboard with that.

Oh Hae-young Again follows Pied Piper in May.

Choi Kang-hee up for tvN mystery romance with Eric

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