The Blood Hound

The Blood Hound - 血狼犬


Zhao Shu Ting



Release Year: 2017

Country: Chinese

Genre: Adventure Drama Action

Status: Completed


The film is adapted according to the true deeds of the "King of the Northwest". China's northwest Tianshan forest, ranger Zhu Guangsheng (Huang Hong ornaments) domesticated brave dog to prevent stealing wood poaching, dumping this family, to survive difficult. A wandering puppy (Harley ornaments) inadvertently walked into the old Zhu's life, Lao Zhu named it "blue wave", and began to train it to become a forest dog. Extremely popular human blue wave quickly became a good helper Lao Zhu. Because of the old Zhu reported that the theft of wild wolves and imprisoned Zhang Biao (Liu Xiangxiu) after the release of prisoners, began to find Laozhao revenge, continue to threaten the old daughter of two old and blue waves of security, Zhang Biao several times poison , Hunting are withered blue wave to resolve, Zhang Biao dog jumping with the wall to force the blue wave away, Lao Zhu and the police station Liu (Chang Tao decorated) to find Zhang Biao, see a bowl of dog meat grief indignation. And the truth is the blue wave was robbed and the wicked wits, in the kitchen to find the machine to escape, fat (fat dragon ornaments) and cooks (Qin Wei ornaments) rate of the crowd around the block, blue sky over the wall, "cornices" Successful escape. In order to let the blue wave has a good destination, the two sisters will be blue waves sent to the city was adopted, and loyal dogs blue wave broke the chain long-distance running line dozens of kilometers back to the old side. Zhang Biao on the old Zhu daughter Zhu Cong (Zhao Tingting ornaments) heart love, her "kidnapping" to Valentine's Valley, vowed to change the former non-true love. Lao Zhu and little daughter Zhu Lin (Zhu Lin decorated) into the mountains to find a car accident, the wolves siege. Blue waves rushed out of the wolves back to the messenger, and led the dog returned to the mountains to rescue the old Zhu.


The Blood Hound - 血狼犬 Episode 1 The Blood Hound Episode 1

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