Can We Love

Can We Love

Director: Kim Yun-Cheol

Cast: Eugene, Uhm Tae-Woong, Kim Yu-Mi, Choi Jung-Yoon

Release Year: 2014

Country: Korean

Genre: Family Romance Comedy

Status: Completed



A drama about love lives and careers of three women, who are in their late thirties, living their lives as divorced woman, a spinster, and a full-time housewife. Jung Wan (Eugene) is bubbly and forthright woman who divorces after ten years of marriage and moves in with her son to her mother’s house. Meanwhile, Jung Wan's friends; Sun Mi (Kim Yoo Mi) is a happily single “gold miss” and Ji Hyun (Choi Jung Yoon) is a longtime housewife and mother of her teenage daughter and 5 year-old son. They will get involved with Oh Kyung Soo (Uhm Tae Woong), a bad tempered, self conceited but a skilled film director who has received several awards and Ahn Do Young (Kim Sung Soo), the CEO of a film company.


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